The Contributors

Gil Adamson

Gil Adamson is the author of The Outlander, which won the Amazon.ca First Novel Award, the Drummer General’s Award, and the Dashiell Hammett Award for crime fiction. She is also the author of two books of poetry, Primitive and Ashland, and a book of linked short stories, Help Me, Jacques Cousteau. Last updated summer, 2019.

Sonja Ahlers

Sonja Ahlers lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the author of Fatal Distraction (Insomniac, 2004) and Temper, Temper (Insomniac, 1998). She is also a visual artist. Last updated Halloween, 2008.

Ian Allaby

Ian Allaby lives in the Annex. He is a periodical writer whose work has appeared in Descant and Storyteller. Last updated Christmas, 1998.

Sandra Alland

Sandra Alland is a writer, multimedia artist, curator, bookseller, micro-press publisher, translator-in-training, and activist living in Kensington Market. Her first collection of poetry, Proof of a Tongue, was published by McGilligan in 2004. Her poetry has been published and presented in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Spain, Scotland, and England. Last updated Christmas, 2006.

Renée Alleyn

Renée Alleyn lives near Chinatown and is a student at the Ontario College of Art and Design. In 2002, she helped create the magazine’s display typeface, TC Stillson, a modern recreation of Stillson, designed in 1899 by the renowned Chicago type foundry Barnhart Brothers and Spindler. Last updated Christmas, 2002.

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson lives in Davenport. Showbiz, his first novel, was published in 2005 by ECW. He has contributed to the magazine since 2000. Last updated Christmas, 2007.

Karen L. L. Anderson

Karen L. L. Anderson lives in the Annex. Her poetry has appeared in the White Wall Review and Pink Ink. Last updated Christmas, 1998.

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew is Taddle Creek's associate editor. Her first novel, Circle of Stones, was published in 2015. She has contributed to the magazine since 2006. Last updated summer, 2016.

Mona Awad

Mona Awad won the Amazon.ca Best First Novel Award for her debut novel, 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, which was also short-listed for the Giller Prize. Last updated, winter, 2017–2018.

Tara Azzopardi

Tara Azzopardi lives at the end of a dirt road in eastern Ontario, where she farms organic garlic and makes art and music. Her second book of poetry, Or God, was published in a special edition letterpress by O Underworld, in 2017. Last updated winter, 2018–2019.

Joel Baker

Joel Baker is a resident of Parkdale. His first published poem appeared in the Summer, 2004 issue of Taddle Creek. Last updated summer, 2004.

Nancy Baker

Nancy Baker lives in East York. She is the author of three novels and a collection of short fiction. Last updated Halloween, 2008.

Chris Banks

Chris Banks is the author of four books of poetry. His first full-length collection, Bonfires, was awarded the Jack Chalmers Award for Poetry. His work has appeared in publications including the New Quarterly, Arc, and the Antigonish Review. He lives and writes in Waterloo, Ontario. Last updated winter, 2018–2019.

Von Bark

Von Bark lives in Little Italy. He is a writer who is descended from a race of giant amphibians. Last updated summer, 2008.

David Alan Barry

David Alan Barry lives in the Palmerston area. He works with seniors and writes in his spare time. Last updated Christmas, 1999.

Kate Barss

Kate Barss is a writer living in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Tin House, Catapult, The Hairpin, and the Awl. Last updated summer, 2019.

Gary Barwin

Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, and multimedia artist. His most recent books are the short fiction collection I, Dr. Greenblatt, Orthodontist, 251–1457 and the novel Yiddish for Pirates. He lives in Hamilton and has contributed to the magazine since 2001. Last updated winter, 2015–2016.

Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett lives in Port Hope, Ontario. He was born in Vancouver, but grew up in Sydney, Australia. His work has appeared in Descant, Matrix, and Blood & Aphorisms. He is the author of Verandah People (Raincoast, 2003) and After Battersea Park (Raincoast, 2001). Last updated Christmas, 2003.

Moe Berg

Moe Berg lives in Dovercourt Park. He was a member of the Pursuit of Happiness for eleven years. His first book of short stories, The Green Room, was published in 2000 by Gutter. Last updated summer, 2006.

Tamara Faith Berger

Tamara Faith Berger lives in the Grange Park area. Her third novel, Maidenhead, was published by Coach House in 2012. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.

Michelle Berry

Michelle Berry lives in Peterborough, Ontario. She is the author of Blind Crescent (Penguin, 2005), Blur (Random House, 2002), What We All Want (Random House, 2001), the short story collections How To Get There From Here (Turnstone, 1997) and Margaret Lives in the Basement (Somerville, 1998), and a collaborative art-fiction book, Postcard Fictions (Key Porter, 2001), with Andrew Valko. She is also co-editor (with Natalee Caple) of The Notebooks (Anchor, 2002), a collection of fiction and interviews with contemporary authors. She has published short fiction in magazines and journals across Canada. Last updated summer, 2006.

Ryan Bigge

Ryan Bigge lives in Dufferin Grove. His short story “Her” was published in the anthology Desire, Doom & Vice (Wingate, 2005). Last updated Christmas, 2006.

Peter Birkemoe

Peter Birkemoe lives in Christie-Ossington. He is the owner of the Beguiling comic shop, and one of the founding directors of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Last updated, Christmas, 2010.

Matthew Blackett

Matthew Blackett is the founder and publisher of Spacing magazine. Walking the alleys of Toronto was the most critical step in turning him into a true urbanite. Last updated Christmas, 2009.

Becky Blake

Becky Blake won the 2012–2013 CBC Short Story Prize. Her work has appeared in Room, Front & Centre, and Kiss Machine. Last updated Winter, 2013–2014.

Thomas Blanchard

Thomas Blanchard is a photo-based artist, freelance photographer, and instructor at Ryerson’s School of Image Arts. Last updated winter, 2016–2017.

Pascal Blanchet

Pascal Blanchet lives in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. His work has appeared in the New Yorker and on the covers of Penguin books. His graphic novels include Nocturne and Baloney. he is working on an animated short for the National Film Board. Last updated winter, 2014–2015.

J. Bone

J. Bone lives in Downtown Toronto. He is the regular cover artist for the DC comic Super Friends, does occasional work for the children’s magazines Chirp, Chickadee, and Owl, and is “Google-able.” Last updated summer, 2009.

Karyn Bonham

Karyn Bonham lives in Dufferin Grove. She writes music reviews for Broken Pencil. Last updated Christmas, 2003.

Michael Boughn

Michael Boughn is the author of numerous books of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Cosmographia: A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-Epic, was short-listed for the Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry. His most recent book is City, Book 1: Singular Assumptions. City, Books 1-3: The Whole Enchilada, is forthcoming.Last updated summer, 2015.

Cedar Bowers

Cedar Bowers lives with her husband and two children in Victoria, where she is finishing a novel. Her first short story appeared on Joyland. Last updated summer, 2018.

Alex Boyd

Alex Boyd co-established the annual anthology Best Canadian Essays. His poetry collections include The Least Important Man and Making Bones Walk. He has contributed to the magazine since 1997. Last updated winter, 2014–2015.

Jim Bridges

Jim Bridges is a creative director and copywriter living in Hunnebostrand, Sweden. Last updated summer, 2014

Nina Bunjevac

Nina Bunjevac has been published in many European and North American publications, including Mineshaft, Exile, Black, Giuda, Le Dernier Cri, Komikaze, and Broken Pencil. Her books Heartless and Fatherland both won Doug Wright Awards. Her latest book is Bezimena. Last updated summer, 2019.)

Tony Burgess

Tony Burgess lives in Stayner, Ontario, where he writes fiction and for film. His novel Pontypool Changes Everything was turned into a now-cult-classic film directed by Bruce MacDonald. Tony also creates anamorphic pop with his band, Lucy Jinx. Last updated summer, 2019.

Joyce Byrne

Joyce Byrne is on the masthead of a handful of award-winning magazines. She has proofread Taddle Creek since 2003. She lives in Edmonton. Last updated winter, 2012–2013.