Art by Matthew Daley

Dreyfus in Wichita

Michael Spearman, the music and science teacher at Beth Shalom Hebrew Day School, an institute located in a former Toronto car dealership, was reading while eating his lunch of cold leftover stir-fry when he came across the following sentence: “As a demonstration of its sympathy for the disgraced French captain Alfred Dreyfus, the citizens of […]
Art by Matthew Daley

Rue du Doo

An excerpt.


Photograph by Thomas Blanchard

Stranded in the Jungle

For fourteen years, Flipped Out Phil restored the sanctity of the radio D.J. across Montreal’s airwaves.
Poster by Andrew and Matt McCracken

Imperfect Clarity

The strong yet simple aesthetic of Doublenaut.
Photograph by Thomas Blanchard

Local Hero

The music promoter and former journalist Dan Burke reinvents himself.
Photograph by Tim Oakley

Boom Times

Art with a homemade touch.