Summer, 2020

The Most Toys

Mysterion the Mind Reader needs a bigger bathtub.
Winter, 2019–2020


Bo Doodley’s deviant art as a form of therapy.
Photo by Thomas Blanchard
Winter, 2018–2019

A Very Comic Christmas

For nearly a decade, James McNee, a Toronto-based communications consultant, has hired local cartoonists to draw his family’s annual holiday card.
Photo by Thomas Blanchard
Summer, 2018

Life in a (Tiny) Northern Town

Eric Veillette, the chief planner of Spruce Mills, is taking city building to new heights.
Photo by Jeff Speed
Winter, 2017–2018


Hip hop at the Six Nations reserve.
Painting of Dani Couture by Melanie Janisse-Barlow
Winter, 2016–2017

The Faces of Poetry

Melanie Janisse-Barlow’s Poets Series.
Illustration of monster by Chase Proto and Dave DeVries.
Summer, 2014

It’s a Monsterpiece!

Dave DeVries’s Monster Engine helps kids discover the power of their imaginations.
Art by Jacqui Oakley
Winter, 2013–2014

Cardboard Forest

Context is everything in Jacqui Oakley’s playful recreations of popular woodland creatures.
Cover courtesy E. J. Pratt Library
Summer, 2013

Mad Men Without a Cause

A hundred and thirty-five years of Acta Victoriana covers provide a time capsule of undergraduate intellectual self-branding.
Photograph by Jesse Boles
Summer, 2012

Art On the Line

Tel-Talk gives a last hurrah to a fading piece of street furniture.
Poster by Andrew and Matt McCracken
Christmas, 2011

Imperfect Clarity

The strong yet simple aesthetic of Doublenaut.
Photograph by Dani Couture
Summer, 2011

Concrete Forest

Animal Effigy lets city dwellers become virtual coureurs de bois.
Art by Blair McLean
Christmas, 2010

Trial by Fire

A local artist uses traditional craftsmanship to create art with a moderne flair.
Photograph by Ian MacEachern
Summer, 2010

Tragic Hero

Saint John long struggled for identity and purpose. In some ways, it still is.