Winter, 2017–2018 / No. 40

This is one of the strongman days, red

rust on the rock, a voice pumped up

on sun, then rain—reliable rain—

and snow on the steady peaks.


swooping out of the blue

& dipping,

diving their hearts out, man oh man,

this may be a weak day ~

raven holds the swing vote

& you know

he’s in with his beak.

I am in my black suit,

also swaying sillily from the middle.

Nothing is as loveable

as the middle from the edge—

Something weighty


is falling,

something from

the inner ledge,

the sound of it


down, the

old thought-wanting

round & round

& here I go



O, purify me.


this mind.

Elana Wolff is a writer, editor, translator, and designer and facilitator of social art courses. Her fifth solo collection of poems, Everything Reminds You of Something Else, was published this spring. She has contributed to the magazine since 2000. Last updated winter, 2017–2018.