What They Came For

Fudging It

Keep your chocolate-covered pickles, bacon milkshakes, and hot-dog-stuffed pizza crusts—fudge is the original extreme food.

Painting of Dani Couture by Melanie Janisse-Barlow

The Faces of Poetry

Melanie Janisse-Barlow’s Poets Series.

The Ephemera

Achieving the impossible.

Illustration by Matthew Daley

Can You Tell Me a Joke About Your Profession?



“Maybe we’ll be around long enough to see if a print revival pans out.”
—“Ontario” by David Collier

Lying as Wishful Thinking

Heat Wave

A Charlotte Frayne Adventure.

Toys That Don‘t Care

An excerpt from the book Rue du Doo.


Or, The Strange Transformation of Archimedes Death.

“After the Red River Rebellion of 1869 / Louis Riel went crazy, he ran off and hid”
—“When Louis Riel Went Crazy” by Katherena Vermette

The Shack Above the White Pines

A Glimpse of My Bright Life in the Morning

Illustration by Matthew Daley

Birds of Paradise

Photo of Lou Skuce in home studio

Canada’s Greatest Cartoonist

Lou Skuce’s charmed and versatile career.

Episode 60: “Bouncing Ball,” Stuart Ross’s Annual Poem for the New Year

Pssst: These home page selections are FPO. Just trying some stuff to make sure it’s all working as intended.
—“100-Year-Old Wisdom with Rose Wilson” by Rebecca Roher